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Fundraising for Everyone

We all know someone who's fundraising. They're running a marathon, selling raffle tickets for their child's soccer team, or participating in a charity golf tournament. There are so many ways to fundraise for your favourite cause, but when it comes to running your own event, there's very little out there that makes it as easy and accessible as our solutions. It doesn't matter what the cause or scale of event, we can help you access a world of support through your very own fundraising site.

Let Us Help

The world of social networking has put community support on a global scale. Our solutions include ready-to-go events that require a few clicks to launch to the world. No need for a technical expert, graphics specialist, or fundraising professional; we're all that and more. Give us a shout and let us help you help the community.

Fully Managed, Fully Secure

Bandwidth. SSL. RDBMS. What? Exactly! Let our closet full of geeks deal with the technical requirements to make sure your payments are processed, data is stored safely, and systems are online, so you don't have to. We keep our brains on keeping you secure and connected, so you can keep yours on making the world a better place.

Simple To Use

Sure, you've heard that before. But we mean it. We focus on doing all the little things the right way so you don't have to think about it – it's intuitive. We call it software that makes sense. Your fundraising solution shouldn't be so complex that you need to read a manual the size of a dictionary before you can do anything; ours isn't – you'll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

No Contracts. No Catch.

Have you ever heard of someone who loves contracts? Neither have we. That's why we're not going to force you to sign one. Getting started is quick, easy, and most importantly, free! If you don't like what you see, you can leave at anytime. No cancellation fees; no hassle.

Why Us?

We realize that all organizations have to start somewhere. We don't lock you in with contracts and we don't lock your data in our system. If you choose to start your next fundraising campaign with us, we won't make it difficult for you to take your data with you if you decide we're not what you're looking for when your next campaign comes around. But we think that once you try us, you won't want to go anywhere.

For the big players in the industry trying to streamline their spending and keep up with the latest technological advancements – we're cost-effective, we're with it, and we're here to support you while you do what you're good at.

Stay in the Loop

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Does all this sound too good to be true? Have a question you're dying to ask? Get in touch – we'd love to hear from you!